A Happy Ending?

Dance theatre by Petra Vetter

When do we call a relationship a happy ending?
Is it what Hollywood wants to make us believe? What happens, when two people meet with all their hopes and fears?

These are the questions I want to look into in A Happy Ending?.

Isabella Heymann and Egid Minac, both dancers at Landestheater Detmold, will play the characters. I interweave my choreographies with lyrics from Bettina Lohaus,especially written for this play. These words create an atmospheric closeness without trying to tell a parallel story to the dance project or to illustrate it.
The jazz pianist Martin Kübert adapted music from Abdullah Ibrahim/Dollar Brand and will accompany the dancers on the piano.

The production is a cooperation between MediaDesignProduktion Gugel+Steiner, Bergisch Gladbach and Rheinische Musikschule Cologne.

Performance: May 30. and 31.2015,

Time: 7:00 pm

Stage of Gymnasium Kreuzgasse, Vogelsangerstr. 1, 50672 Cologne

Booking of tickets: 0221-951 46 90

Box office: 18:00 Uhr

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