A Happy Ending?

Dance theatre by Petra Vetter

Two people meet by chance without really being touched by each other. Later they see one another again and this time, they find themselves very attractive. Soon they start to interfere and try to dominate each other in a more or less subtle way. Both have their experiences with relationships, which left them vulnerable. Therefore they try to hide their feelings behind their inner walls. However, the situation escalates and a part of the wall collapses. Now both start to recognize each other and appreciate what they see. Is a happy ending possible?

Dancers: Isabella Heymann and Egid Minac, Landestheater Detmold,
Speaker: Petra Vetter
Piano: Martin Kübert
Choreographer: Petra Vetter
Lyric: Bettina Lohaus
Lighting technician: Peter Sandvoß
Production: Ulrich Steiner

The production is a cooperation between MediaDesignProduktion Gugel+Steiner, Bergisch Gladbach and Rheinische Musikschule Cologne.

Performance: May 30. and 31.2015,

Time: 7:00 pm

Stage of Gymnasium Kreuzgasse, Vogelsangerstr. 1, 50672 Cologne

Booking of tickets: 0221-951 46 90

Box office: 18:00 Uhr

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